ROBO FAQ (start here) This FAQ is great.

Forth for Mindstorms (software) (RCX Internals)

Some other companies with Forth Hardware/Software appropriate for robotics

Intelligent Robot Home Page (hardware/software)
Forth: An underview FIG UK (hardware/software)
MPE Microprocessor Engineering Limited (hardware/software)
Forth Inc. (hardware/software)
Tinyboot Tiny Open Firmware (hardware/software)

Karl Lunt's site with a tiny4th for the 68hc811e2.

Hardware and Parts

Mondo-tronics' Robot Store --- Robots Kits, Muscle Wires, SMA's, Electronics, Parts, and More!!! (hardware) [Sensors] (hardware)
68HC11 stamps
Trimble Product ACE III GPS Global Satelite Position Systems
Introducing TINI Tiny INternet Interface
iButton Home Page data button for TINI

Some Phd. in Forth and/or Robotics

Bradford J. Rodriguez (Forth software and expert systems)
Dr. Michael Montvelishsky (Parallel Forth, expert systems, robotics)
Dr. C.H. Ting (Forth, chips, robotics)
Mitchel Resnick (MIT Lifelong Kindergarden)

UltraTechnology Robotic Pages

Forth - the LEGO of Programming Languages Robot Language Essay
F21 Antropomorphic Robot Diagrams
F21 and F*F from FORML 1993
MuP21h/F21d Forth Stamp

UltraTechnology F21/P21 Robotic Projects

The Real Toy Forth Car
Forth Flying Solar Robot Birds
The Second Head for Forth

Forth Chips and ChipChuck

40 familes of Forth Chips
Chuck Moore's Website

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