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MuP21h / F21d Forth Stamp PCB

I will be making a new Forth Stamp PCB in the next few weeks. The board will be able to use an Offete MuP21h microprocessor or the UltraTechnology F21.

So far I have made a couple PCB designs for F21. I have a credit card sized board for F21d, one 32 pin DIP 1Mx8 UVPROM and three 32Kx8 or 128Kx8 SRAM chips (pictured below).

new F21 SRAM pcb, click for larger image

I have also made a larger board that added a 72 pin DRAM SIMM socket and an oscillator socket. I would like to make a small stamp PCB with an F21 or P21 CPU on the front, with 1M word DRAM and 1M byte PROM on the back, and with all signals run to the edges of the stamp. The board will be only slightly larger than the F21d CLCC chip package. With all signals on edges the F21 and P21 CPU and I/O boards can be stacked for stamp sized footprint.

I will make a few of the last F21d available with one of each of the above boards and with the new Forth Stamp PCB that I am working on. Below is an incomlete mockup.

What will distinguish the new board is that it will use surface mount chips and sockets. This allows the DRAM and ROM chips to be on the opposite side of the board directly behind either an F21 or an MuP21h Forth chip. The board will use either an F21 or a P21 microprocessor with the P21 socket pads inside of the larger F21 socket pads. The back of the stamp will hold 1Mx20 DRAM as one 1Mx4 and one 1Mx16 soj and one 1Mx8 ROM or FLASH plcc an oscilator, and some surface mount caps and a resistor. The board will be the size of two 32 pin DIPs.

An assembled version will be available with F21. A kit version or assembled version with Offete's MuP21h will also be available.

Be the first to write a ColorForth for one of Chuck Moore's VLSI Forth chips. Use Offete Enterpise's MuP21h 100Mhz Forth chip PLCC or UltraTechnology's F21 Forth chip on the new Forth Stamp PCB.

Page Updated 10/04/01