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Forth Chips

This page contains references to many of the Forth chips that I have heard about.

Online References:

Stack Computers is the definitive online reference and should be required reading. Dr. Philip Koopman has graciously put his book online. As the designer of several of the machines listed on this page he provides a detailed overview of the subject and with his permission several chapters of his book are cross referenced here.

Why Stack Machines? Dr. Philip Koopman.

Novix NC4016, Stack Computers Dr. Philip Koopman

Novix NC4000 First Forth chip by Chuck Moore and others at Novix Inc., PGA 1985, Forthkit, chips, boards, software from Computer Cowboys (Chuck Moore)
NOVIX, cmForth at the eForth Academy Taiwan

Footsteps in an Empty Valley Novix documentation (in store), Offete Enterprises Inc. (Dr. C.H. Ting)
Russian version of Novix chip (unknown URL)
Novix in FPGA, Design and Documentation in Sweedish

Harris RTX-2000, Stack Computers Dr. Philip Koopman
RTX, Indelko Forthkit, cmForth at the eForth Academy Taiwan

RTX-2001 (in store), chips, boards, software, Offete Enterprises Inc.
Harris RTX-2010, chips, boards, software, MPE Inc.
VHDL RTX-2000 Clone Xilinx Spartan 20-30Mhz clock, MPE Inc.
RTX in Space, NASA

MISC MC17, Stack Computers Dr. Philip Koopman


WISC CPU/16, Stack Computers Dr. Philip Koopman

WISC CPU 16, chips, boards, software, Mountain View Press
US Patent #4,980,821 16 Bit Stack Computer

WISC CPU 32, chips, boards, software, Mountain View Press
SC32 and WISC 32 papers, JFAR 1987 Rochestor Forth Conference Proceedings

Harris RTX-32P, Stack Computers Dr. Philip Koopman

SC32, Stack Computers Dr. Philip Koopman

SC32 in Space, NASA
SC32 and WISC 32 papers, JFAR 1987 Rochestor Forth Conference Proceedings

Original ShBoom Manual, by Chuck Moore 1988, 32 bit, second generation PGA done at OKI in Japan, manual from Offete Enterprises, Inc., Dr. C. H. Ting,
Sh-Boom at the eForth Academy Taiwan

MuP21 (in store) First VLSI chip by Chuck Moore 1994 and designed with the first release of OKAD, 100 mip, 1.2u, 40-pin DIP, on-chip composite 15-color/gray scale video generator. Chips, boards, software, from Offete Enterprises, Inc., Dr. C. H. Ting
MuP21H 44-pin PLCC (in store)
P21Forth bootable ANS Forth with machine Forth assembler, multitasker, graphics, scaled math and demos, free, at this site, from UltraTechnology, Jeff Fox

MuP21 at the eForth Academy Taiwan

MSL16, Forth chip in VHDL, FPGA, source, software, Philip Leong

Ignite 32-bit microprocessor, Patriot Scientific Inc.
SwiftX targets Patriot's ShBoom microprocessor, Forth Inc.
DSI Derivation Systems Inc. has PC104 FPGA cards and will offer a PC104 board with the PSC1000A.

i21 Microprocessor second generation VLSI design by Chuck Moore using OKAD in .8u. Internet appliances, chips, boards, software, the iTV Corporation
Other CPU and coprocessors in high-level source for FPGA designs, the iTV Corporation

P8, V21, P32, p32 proprietary custom microprocessors in VLSI by Charles Moore with OKAD in 1994, 1995
OKAD at the eForth Academy Taiwan


  F21 Microprocessor (in store), the foxchip. F21 Documentation. UltraTechnology's own second generation VLSI design by Chuck Moore using OKAD. Prototyped in .8u The prototypes have a CPU w/ 500mip/internal 240mip/sram 120mip/dram, 40 msps analog coprocessor, composite and RGB video coprocessor, serial/network router coprocessor, parallel port, rtc. Chips, software, prototypes in the UltraTechnology Store (this site). 500 MIPs in 1997 in .8u scaled to 1.2u and in .8u in 1998. In a modern fabrication process the parts would run four to ten times faster. Jeff Fox

P16 in VHDL for FPGA, early source version distributed to SVFIG, online at this site, Offete Enterprises Inc., Dr. C. H. Ting

P8, P16, P24 for FPGA, documenation, schematic or VHDL source, test software, on Offete Enterprises Inc.'s eForth CD (in store), lots of documenation and software on CD. Dr. C. H. Ting
P8 and P24 at the eForth Academy Taiwan

Information on P32 and P64 forthcoming at Dr. Ting's site.

Forth processor for FPGA in VHDL from Don Golding at Angelus Research (robotics)

E16 stack-based processor for FPGAs from Brad Eckert at the Firmware Factory home of Tiny Open Firmware

G16 Yoda stack-based processor for FPGAs friendly to both C and Forth. A small stack machine for xilinx FPGA with 16 instances of each register for ultra fast task switching. External access to a 4-bit context pointer. Part of the OPENCORES.ORG project. (link added 2/24/02)

An 8-bit Stack Processor Author: Steven Sutankayo designers: Rob Chapman and Steven Sutankayo
A Stack Processor: Synthesis (pdf) Rob Chapman

MARC4 Family of 4 bit Forth CPU Microcontrollers
Including the T48C893N Multiple Times Programmable (MTP) version which can be programmed several times. 4K Bytes of EEPROM, 256x4 bit SRAM, 16 bidirectional I/O lines, six interupt timers, Up to 2 million Forth words per second, and more, very low power, (very cool tiny chips). from Temic Semiconductor (owned by Atmel wireless)

QSP16 in FPGA, for use in UCSC extension class in VLSI design, SandPipers, John Rible

(note FPGA CPU Design Class videos online and on CD-ROM in the store.

SmP32 32 bit MISC microprocessor in FPGA by António José Gomes

TF2216 and TF16 SKIF RISC microcontroller set for ALTERA CPLD devices
TechnoForth Ltd. Michael Gassanenko

Steamer16 16 bit Forth chip on Cypress CY37128P84-125JC CPLD. Five 3 bit instructions packed into 16 bit word.Myron Plichota

MicroCore VHDL for FPGA, Dual Stack, Harvard Architecture, Forth assembler, adaptable instruction set, implementation adaptable data-path width. Tools: Forth compiler, C-based simulator, ANSI-C compiler prototyped, MicroCore mail-list

Using Forth as a VHDL ( Virtual Hardware Definition Language) John R. Hart, Testra Corporation

FPGA Forth Chip design 32-bit, 16-bit memory bus, F21 like instruction set, with PCB and software from JPB

4stack Processor in Verilog and b16 MISC designs by Bernd Paysan

Chuck Moore starts company named Async Array Devices in 2003 that is reborn in 2006 as IntellaSys that makes Scalable Embedded Arrays designs in VLSI with Forth core. The SEAforth24 and SEAforth40 designs offer 24 or 40 650MHz Forth Core on small embedded chips. They also produce designs with 48 200MHz Forth Core on FPGA.

Chuck Moore starts company named Green Array Chips Inc. in 2009 that produces a variety of multi-core Forth chips including the GA4 the GA32 and the GA144 which can now be ordered. The GA144 has 144 Forth processors running at up to 666 Forth MIPS each. They also offer and offers ArrayForth, a colorforth based development environment, and development boards at their site. GA144 shown at SVFIG Forth Day 2010.

J1 a Small Forth CPU Core for FPGAs by James Bowman. Core in 200 lines of Verilog with BSD license. Complete Verilog, cross compiler, and TCP/IP networking code. On Xilinx Spartan(R)-3E FPGA at 80MHz and 100 ANS Forth MIPS. Shown at SVFIG Forth Day 2010.

SC20 SwiftCore Brad Eckert has done a 32-bit soft CPU for SoC applications. 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit data types with base+offset addressing modes, stack frames, and temporary registers. Demonstrated on Lattice XP2 Brevia along with a SwiftX cross compiler from FORTH Inc. shown at SVFIG Forth Day 2010.

Microcontrollers with Forth in ROM or FLASH

New Micros MS430, ARM, AVR, ISOPOD, 56800, mcore, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68HC16, 68332, 8051, NEC V25 with Forth in FLASH from New Micros

R65F11, R65F12 Rockwell 6501 with Forth in ROM

Various ATMEL 8051 type and ARV type microcontrollers with software and programmers by Charles Shattuck and Robert Nash.

Forth Inc. and MicroProcessor Engineering have systems that generate embedded Forth for the ROM or FLASH on a large variety of microcontrollers.

Rabbit Forth by Ken Staton for the Rabbit 2000

Forth enhanced Microcontrollers with special instructions to enhance Forth performance.

Microcontroller FAQ with info on Zilog's Super-8

4, 8, 16, and 32 bit microcontrollers based on the Zilog Super-8 Core from Samsung Semiconductor.

Related Designs:

Baby RISC in FPGA, design class presentations to SVFIG online, SandPipers, John Rible

Luna Family of Octal Computers TTL and FPGA by Ben Franchuk.

F-CPU, Freedom CPU Page (not dedicated Forth chip, in progress)

JOP Java Optimized Processor DI Martin Schoeberl's nice mainstream FPGA Java designs and documentation
JOP links to 12 other Java Processors

Mail Lists

We have three new (3/15/2001) mail lists for related discusions:

MachineForth is the native assembler for MISC chips
ColorForth is about Chuck Moore's and other people's versions of  ColorForth and
Nosc is for discussions of the design of Forth CPU, No Operand Set Computers, ie. Zero Operand or Stack Machines.

For information on how to subscribe and to access the mail list archives click here.

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