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Are You Smarter than a First Grader? 4/2011

Factoring in Forth 4/2011

Modern Forth Compiler Benchmarks has performance numbers for a number of modern Forth systems. Maybe you are out of touch with modern Forth. 10/23/2010
$0.07 Computers Green Array Chips takes orders for chips and boards. 10/2010
Green Array Chips offers the latest versions of colorforth and simulators for its parallel Forth chips. 2010
ColorForth2.0a.zip colorforth 2.0 for stand-alone and Windows. 5/2/08
cf file, wrapper, and .doc documentation files in a zip file
colorforth editor page zip file 7/21/06
Blocks 0 through 71 of colorforth 11/05
Forth Day Jeff Fox to SVFIG 11/22/03 (posted 1/08/04)
New colorForth releases: colorforth for Windows by Roman Pavlyuk and Xcolorforth for Linux (.tar.gz) by Mark Slicker. 4/05/03
Benchmarks Essay by Jeff Fox on problems in understanding benchmarks. 03/31/03
eForth Academy Taiwan Dr. C.H.Ting and associates create website with many copies of eForth, a Library of Manuals, a Lab, More on Forth Engines Vol 11 - 25, info on Novix NC4000, Harris RTX2000/2001/2010, ShBoom, MuP21, P8 and P24 designs, and PD Forth. 3/14/03

C-Style Structures in Forth? Jeff Fox 10/27/02
Update to Ian Osgood's ANS Forth Chess program 9/18/02 FCP
Essential Forth Short Essay on Forth, Jeff Fox 7/16/02
Levels of code in Forth programming a short essay inspired by Chuck Moore's recent chat comments. Jeff Fox 5/29/02
Essay on Forth Philosophy by Michael Misamore 01/23/02

Free Software Magazine Stack machine issue with article by Jeff Fox about my experience with Multiple Large stack Zero Operand architecture computers and the Forth programming language. Local copies in HTML and PDF formats are available here.
Questions and Answers about the 25x chip report from 11/01 by Jeff Fox 12/13/01
 Forth Methodology Jeff Fox 12/09/01
Forth Robot Reference Page 12/09/01 MuP21h/F21d Forth Stamp 10/5/01
Ian Osgood releases his ANS Forth Chess program for win32forth. 10/4/01 Version 4 10/12/01
MachineForth, NOSC, colorforth Mail List Archives links 7/28/01
colorForth.com Chuck Moore's website Chuck Moore's Website registers domain name ColorForth.com 07/14/01 COLOR.COM ColorForth latest release
   (save file then follow the installation and test instructions at Chuck Moore's website under ColorForth Status)
Chuck Moore gets his own Website 07/01/01
Free Streaming Video Theater expands from 30MB to 8GB and this site gets this permanemt home 5/01
Offete Enterprises releases CD-ROM with P8,P16,P24,P32 FPGA sources and various eForths and manuals. 4/14/01
OKAD II Chuck rewrites OKAD in ColorForth 3/18/01
New MachineForth, ColorForth and MISC mail lists 3/18/01
F21 board for SRAM DIPs 80K to 640KBytes fast SRAM 3/10/01
P21 PAL Video source by Soeren Tiedeman 2/27/01
DOS Color Forth released by Terry Loveall, 2/01/01
Enth and Flux (stand-alone ANS and Color Forth kits) released by Sean Pringle, 1/17/01
Animated F21 diagram 02/05/01
F21 PCB with dual PCMCIA card interface from MISC site by Soeren Tiedeman 01/29/01
the Best of Chuck Moore on Forth 01/25/01
aha flowcharts and source 1/15/01

A History of Forth and aha html transcript to video of Jeff Fox's presentation to SVFIG 12/16/00.
Converstations about ENTH and Flux Jeff Fox, Sean Pringle 12/7/00
Introducing Aha Jeff Fox 11/29/00
aha Forth, Jeff Fox 11/29/00
Fireside Chat 2000 Chuck Moore to SVFIG on 11/11/00 (html) in the online store.
Streaming Video Theater created 10/30/00
OKAD Reference Page 9/3/00 updated 11/30/00
Forth Processor in VHDL from Angelus Research, Don Golding 9/2/00
VHDL 101, P16 in VHDL Dr. C. H. Ting, J. Fox 8/19/00
P21Forth ROMs free 5/8/00
F21 Emulator Versions 2.0 and 3.0 640x480 video, editor, Machine Forth compiler, mouse support and new demos.
f21 in a mouse virtual osciloscope demo Tiny GUI demo from F21 in a mouse, boot code, video driver, mouse driver, desktop, simulated scope, ~.6K total code 3/8/2000
New F21 video modes tested including 480x400,540x482,525x400,576x482,640x400,640x482, 768x482. Higher resolutions will be tested when I put together a test board with faster memories. Internal burst rates mips on F21d tested at 350 @ 5.0V, 500 @ 5.5V, 600 @ 6.0V, 700 @ 6.5V, 800 @ 7.0V. With 7 chips the board level power consumption is 5ma @ 2.6V, 200ma @ 5V, 600ma @ 7V, 3/8/2000
ANS Forth Chess source release 1/11/00

Offete Enterprises's Inc. Product List Update 12/6/99
FPGA-based CPU Design Class #3, John Rible, 7/24/99 Video
Dispelling the User Illusion w/ Color Forth examples. Chuck Moore to SVFig on 5/22/99 Video
F21d test board 5/27/99
1x Forth Chuck Moore 4/13/99
"The speed of light used to seem fast to me." Chuck Moore 3/99 Echo Timer Fox 4/8/99
ANSI Forth is ANTI Forth Jeff Fox 2/28/99, Chuck Moore 7/26/98, 3/5/99
Fireside Chat 1999 Chuck Moore on Color Forth 1999 to SVFIG 12/18/99.

Low Fat Computing Jeff Fox 12/6/98
Fireside Chat 1998 Charles Moore 11/30/98 (first 50 min)
Free F21 Emulator/Machine Forth compiler/editor/debugger 11/4/98 Free F21 Simulator/MF c/e/d 9/98
S21 simulator for MuP21 bugfix, 21 bit AND 9/14/98
F21d Pinout & Data Sheets in PDF and F21d specs in html, updated 9/13/98
iTV i21 Microprocessor Page at iTVc.com, Old links to the iTV Corporation updated to archives at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine 1998

iTV Press release in Barron's 12/15/97
Color Forth Update 9/16/97
Minimal Instruction Set Computers Updated 8/27/97
Forth Meta Compilation J. Fox 8/21/97
Color Forth by Charles Moore 7/27/97
F21 ROM Real Time Clock 6/4/97

Fireside Chat 1996 Charles Moore 11/16/96
F21 Network Topologies and Robotics Examples 7/9/96

Life Beyond MuP21 Charles Moore to the SVFIG 5/27/95
html guide to OK version 1.01 Source code to OK ver 1.01 for the MuP21 4/18/95
P21Forth 1.02 User's Manual HTML and Word for Windows formats 4/16/95
MuP21 a High Performance MISC Processor Dr. C.H. Ting and Charles Moore 3/17/95
Forth - the LEGO of Programming Languages Jeff Fox 1995
Distributed Shared Memory in Forth Parallel Forth, J. Fox, 1995

Forth Meets Laws of Form 1994 J. Fox

Chuck Moore to SVFIG on 4/23/93.
Chuck Moore interview 6/6/93
Chuck Moore's Fireside Chat 11/20/93
Parallel Forth - the new approach OCCAM and Forth-Linda, Dr. M. Montvelishsky, FD 1993
eForth and Zen (Chapter 1) Dr. C. H. Ting 1993
F21 and F*F : F21 and Parallelizing Forth, J. Fox, Dr. M. Montvelishsky, FORML 1993

More on Forth Engines Volume 16, 1992 - OKAD Charles Moore, Dr. C. H. Ting

Forth-Linda Parallelizing Forth, J. Fox, FORML 1991

Forth - a Language for Interactive Computing Charles Moore 1970, in PDF and DOC formats

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