F21 Microprocessor Overview

Updated 9/13/98

A free F21 simulator and a free F21 emulator are available in the Ultra Technology Online Store

F21d was submitted to Mosis for fabrication on 8/20/98, and should be returned November 98 for packaging in 68 pin CLCC.

F21d is being fabricated .8 micron CMOS technology using the HP process at Mosis. F21d is being prototyped in a 68 pin ceramic package similar to the 68 pin PLCC that will be used for production. Click here to see the F21d CLCC Pinout PDF Data Sheet 9/13/98 or
Preliminary PDF Data Sheets for F21 9/13/98 or
F21 status, or click here to see the F21d Prototype Specifications

The F21 microprocessor contains a Stack Machine CPU, a video i/o coprocessor, an analog i/o coprocessor, a serial network i/o coprocessor, an parallel port, a real time clock, some on chip ROM (* not on F21d), and an external memory interface.

Functional diagram the F21 Microprocessor

F21 block diagram

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