Forth Multiprocessor Chip MuP21

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San Mateo, CA (November, 1994)--Offete Enterprises announces successful production of the high performance, multiprocessor chip MuP21. MuP21 has a 21-bit CPU core, a memory coprocessor, and a video coprocessor, implemented with 1.2 micron CMOS process. It is targeted for applications in video displays, CAD design, communication, video games, and embedded systems.

MuP21 employs a RISC-like instruction set with only 24 instructions. 20 bit words are fetched from the DRAM memory at a rate of 20 MHz. Each word contains four 5-bit instructions, and the sustained peak execution rate is 80 MIPS. The video coprocessor works independently of the main CPU, and generates a 16-color NTSC signal to display color images on a TV monitor from DRAM memory.

This highly integrated multiprocessor chip needs little supporting hardware to form a low cost, low power, high performance computer. A minimum configuration consists of a MuP21, five 1Mx4 DRAM chips, and an 8-bit boot ROM. An external 14 MHz crystal clock is needed only to synchronize the NTSC signal.

MuP21 is in a 40-pin DIP package. Single unit price is $25, available immediately from Offete Enterpriese. A MuP21 Development System ($350) is available for software developers. It includes a small PC board with a MuP21 chip, 2.5 Mbytes of fast DRAM, an 128-Kbyte EPROM with boot and demo programs. A suite of assembler and utilities is supplied to help the user developing applications on PC under DOS. An unassembled kit (MuP21, a printed circuit board, an 128K EPROM, software and documentation) is also available for hobbists at $100.

(2000 update, MuP21h was released in 95 in a 44 pin plcc. Offete has three boards, two for P21 and one for P21h. The price has been reduced to $250 assembled and $100 as kits due mostly do the reduction in the price of simms.) MuP21 was designed by Chuck Moore, the inventor of the Forth computer language and the designer of several high performance Forth microprocessors. MuP21 is the first chip designed on Chuck's VLSI CAD software called OKAD.

Offete Enterprises specializes in Forth related hardware, software, and publications. It's president is Dr. C. H. Ting, an expert in Forth language and Forth microprocessors. He is also the editor of 'More on Forth Engines,' a newsletter on the latest developments on Forth microprocessors and related technology.

MuP21 block diagram