F21 demo images

Images from 3/2000
768x482 color test pattern 64 pixel black 32 pixel g/w columns, b/g/b/w in 16,8,4,2,1 pixel columns, 16 pixel color columns
Captured 768x482 RGB test pattern display

captured tv image of F21 generated test pattern on RGB montior
F21 genterated 768x482 on RGB monitor captured on video camera.

768x482 on RGB monitor, mouse board mock up next to mouse, simulation on laptop
768x482 on RGB monitor, simulation on laptop

image of TV with chess game small F21d board with PROM and DRAM
Forth chip test board running chess program
Test chess program in 320x400 b/w NTSC video.

Animated GIF using F21 in a Mouse graphics 3/2000
Desktop application with icon, mouse, application, OS, boot, and video processor setup with a total of 600 words of Forth code
click to read about F21 in a mouse demo

F21 PCB image from PC screen 01/29/01
Click for larger view
F21 PCB with dual PCMCIA card, DRAM, SRAM, interface 2/10/01

Animated F21 block diagram

animated block diagram of F21

F21 prototype chip animated gif

F21, Forth CPU, 500 Mip burst, 240 Mip xSRAM, 120 Mip xDRAM, 8 Mip xROM, 40 Msps Analog, RGB video output, serial - network coprocessor, parallel port, real time clock, 68 pins, 15ma, ~$1 in large quantity.

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